From small to big, you can always make space for art in your life. In this lesson, I’ll talk about realistic and affordable ways to make some space for art supplies and to work.

X Small on the go: pencil bag and drawing pad | working space is a drawing board

Small: toolbox and storage portfolio

Medium: desktop easel and storage unit

Large: use the walls to work and store your equipment | invest in a nice easel

Art supplies to get the party started!

  1. Portfolio | portfolio, approximately 30″ x 24.” large enough for your biggest pad of paper
  2. Paper | bound sketchbooks. 8.5″ x 11.” 50-100 page; large drawing newsprint pads. 18″ x 24″; XL Mix media pads;  tracing paper pad
  3. Drawing Media | One each Graphite pencils: B, 2B, 4B, and 8B; boxes of vine charcoal; white charcoal pencil; Sanford Ebony graphite pencils Soft 14420
  4. Other Drawing Supplies | kneaded erasers; Magic rub erasers; straight-edge; Clip/clamp light: (available at hardware stores); plastic Oval palette; roll of 1″ masking tape (not blue tape!); ruler; pencil sharpener; Xacto knife; standard T-Square 24″; dry cleaning pad


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